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Flow In Test Mode

You may have a question that is What is the Test Mode? Here in this article, we will see what it is exactly and how it is used.

Note: This test mode is used to test/view the CartFlows without actually placing an order. This setting does not control the test/sandbox setting for any of the payment gateway. Each payment gateway has its own sandbox/test mode setting to stimulate the payments.

Test Mode is a simple option that is added in the CartFlows under Flow’s setting menu as you can see in the above image.

Let’s see how to enable/disable the test mode for the CartFlows flow.

Step 1: From your WordPress dashboard, go to CartFlows > Funnels. Select a Funnel and click Edit.

Step 2: Click on the settings icon.

Step 3: Toggle the “Enable Test Mode” option to enable/disable the test mode.

This option is added to help preview editing/design of the CartFlows pages while actually designing them in your page builder. If the test mode is enabled then you don’t need to add/select any product in the backend setting of the Checkout, upsell/downsell, optin pages.

Because the funnel creation/designing is in process, and hence it will automatically choose a random product from the WooCommerce Products that you have created and will be added to the cart so that you can easily view the page for testing purposes.

This option also helps you to share the direct URL of the page to your team members to check or even design some sections on the page. As the flow is in Test Mode.

When you are viewing any of the CartFlows step/pages in the frontend then a message will be displayed at the bottom of the page saying the test mode is ON/Enabled.

CartFlows Test Mode

If you are done with the testing or designing the pages/steps and planning to make the funnel live then you should disable the Test Mode from the Flow setting.

Simply uncheck the option and update.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this test mode related to the payment gateways?

The CartFlows test mode is only used to view/design the pages without placing an order to view/test the design of the page.

Q. Test mode is not working?

The test mode selects the random product to be added in the cart to display the checkout page and selects a random order from the WooCommerce to display the Thank you page. If there are no products and no orders present in the WooCommerce -> Orders then the test mode will not work. So, it’s mandatory to have at least one product and one order in WooCommerce.

This test mode does is not related to any of the payment gateways. To check the working of the flow i:e to check whether the payments are going through or not has to be checked by putting the payment gateway in the test/sandbox mode.

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