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    CartFlows Step Types

    A flow is a series of steps. There are specific step types that have features available to them. 

    Here are the available step types to choose from.

    Landing Page Step

    The Landing Page step is ideal for any type of landing page or lead gen page. A flows can have multiple Landing Page steps. 

    Checkout Step

    The checkout page is where your buyers can place their order. It will have options to link it to a product, add an upsell (pro), adjust the available fields (pro), and style the form. A flow can have only 1 checkout step.

    Upsell Step (pro feature)

    The Upsell step can only be placed after the checkout step. After the buyer places their order on the checkout step, if there is an upsell step, they will be directed there. This is the step where you can make an additional offer to the buyer. A flow can have more then 1 upsell step.

    Downsell Step (pro feature)

    The Downsell step can only be placed after the upsell step. When the buyer is on the upsell step they are given an option to accept it or decline, if there is an downsell step, they will be directed there if they decline the upsell. This is the step where you can make an additional offer to the buyer. A flow can have more then 1 downsell step.

    Optin Woo (New) Free/Pro

    The Optin Step type can only be placed between Landing Step and Thank You Step. Basically this Step will help to generate leads so here we need to provide Simple Virtual / Downloadable products priced at zero value. On reaching this step from the Landing page, the user will enter the details and gain access to the product as provided. If you need to insert more custom fields you will need CartFlows Pro.

    Thank You Step

    This is the last step in a flow. If using the checkout step in your flow, this is where you can display the order details. The Thank You page step is a great place to give your buyers instructions on the next actions you want them to take. 

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