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Enabling the Google Address Autocomplete

We are excited to tell you all that in the current bundle of CartFlows along with a very exciting feature, a new feature is also introduced and that is Google Auto-Complete Address fields.

Using this feature, you can simply search for the address on the checkout page and select the address that you want to use. Once the address is selected, it will be auto-filled on the checkout page.

Note: There are certain limitations from Google in this API. Not all address has full address components. So some cases, a few address fields may get blank values. Here is an actual demonstration from Google.

So, I think you might wonder what is Google Address AutoComplete?.
The simple answer to this is:

The Google Address Autocomplete is a Google-based API service used to get/fetch the address suggestions based on the inputs provided by the user.

In CartFlows, we have added only integration of the Google API, where all of the address data is been served from Google via this API.

This feature helps to save the time required to fill each billing/shipping address field on the checkout page and using this, you can fill those fields easily with less typing and one click.

Let’s see how to set up the Google account to get the API key for this feature.

Step 1: Setting up the Google account for the API key

Go through this article on how to set up the Google account and the API key.

Step 2: Adding the API key to CartFlows

Once you get your API key, navigate to the CartFlows -> Settings -> Google Address AutoComplete Tab, add the API key, and save the changes.

Step 3: Enabling it on specific checkout pages

  • Navigate to the Checkout’s setting page.
  • Click on the Settings tab & then on the checkout settings tab
  • Scroll down the page and check/enable the Enable Google Address Autocomplete option.
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