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    How to Activate the “API Key/License” of the CartFlows Pro?

    Are you looking on how to Activate the API / License Key of the CartFlows Pro plugin?

    CartFlows Pro is a plugin that extends the CartFlows Free plugin and adds more features to it.

    You can activate the license of CartFlows Pro from WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > CartFlows Pro > Activate License.

    Note: Make sure you have the CartFlows Pro plugin installed and activated on your WordPress website to find the License Activation option below the CartFlows Pro on the plugins page. Here’s an article to help you install and activate the CartFlows Pro plugin.

    Following are the benefits of activating the CartFlows Pro License key –

    • Access to all the Pro Features
    • Get the plugin’s Auto Updates.
    • Import the ready-made templates
    • Create unlimited Flows

    Follow the below steps which will help you to activate the API / License key of CartFlows Pro.

    Step 1: Get the API / License Key

    To get the API / License Key, please login to your CartFlows account from here.

    Navigate to the API Keys section & copy the API / License Key & store it in your favorite text editor for later use.

    Step 2: Activating the License.

    • Go to the WordPress Dashboard > Plugins page
    • Click on the Activate License button which is marked in green color

    After clicking on the button, a popup will appear and Enter the License key in the text box and click the Activate button.

    Note: Make sure that you have Cleared the cache and Deactivated any Caching plugin before activating the License key.

    Common Issues while activating the license

    1. License is already activated for this domain/resource/website.
    • This error message will be displayed only if the current license key is already activated for the current site i:e entry for this website is present in your account under API Keys section. So, to solve this error, you need to delete the entry from your CartFlows Account for the same website on which you are currently activating the license.
    1. License is activated for the same instance ID.
    • This error message will be displayed in two conditions. Firstly, if you have migrated the website from one domain to another. Secondly, if you are re-trying to activate the license and the cache is in place.

    So to solve this error, you need to follow a few simple steps as mentioned below –

    1. Clear the cache
    2. Deactivate any Caching plugin
    3. Deactivate the CartFlows Pro Plugin
    4. Reactivate the CartFlows Plugin
    5. Try adding activating the License key.

    This should fix this issue.

    1. No resource available for this API key
    • This error message will be displayed if the entered API Key is not correct. So, to solve this issue you need to login to your CartFlows account and copy the API Key as it is and paste it in the API / License Key text box for the activation.

    So to activate the API / License Key of the CartFlows Pro, you will need to install & activate the plugin on your website. Refer to this article which will help you in case you are facing some difficulties while installing the plugin.

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