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List of CartFlows Cookies

The cookie is a small file created by software or a website to store the data on the user’s local device for identification.

When a page request is made from one device via the browser, the same cookie is gets sent in the same page request too.

There are some cookies that are used by the CartFlows for the smooth working of some of the CartFlows features.

There is a total of 5 cookies used in the CartFlows and below are the names of those cookies:

  • cartflows_session_ : This cookie is set when you visit the CartFlows page. This is registered to set the unique session per user so as to make the checkout process smooth.
  • wcf_active_checkout : This cookie is set to determine which checkout page is currently opened and what’s the cart data for that specific checkout page.

For tracking the flow analytics in the CartFlows, there are certain cookies are used. These cookies are as follows:

  • wcf-visited-flow- : This cookie is used to track which flow is currently being tracked.
  • wcf-step-visited- : This cookie is used to track which step is currently tracked.
  • cartflows-ab-test- : This cookie will only be set when the A/B split test feature is enabled.

If your server has specific requirements which require the cookie name should be started with the specific prefix then you can either exclude these cookies from the Server cache or use the following small piece of code to add the prefix to the cookie name.

define( 'CARTFLOWS_COOKIE_PREFIX', 'your_prefix_' );

Note: You need to add this code inside the wp-config.php file and just about the “That’s all, stop editing! Happy publishing” line/statement. This file is available in the root directory of the website/server.

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