How to Setup A/B Testing with Google Optimize for CartFlows?

Currently, CartFlows doesn't provide native A/B Testing.

For now, you can use the Google Optimize to perform A/B Testing in CartFlows.

Step 1: Login to your Google Optimize Account.

Step 2: Create a container or account

Step 3: Create your first experience

Step 4: Create the Variants

Step 5: After creating variants set the rules as per your needs

Step 6: Connect your analytics with Optimize and add the below code on your site's page which you are going to optimize.

Step 7: The above code will be provided by the Google Optimize dashboard. This will be auto-generated once you connect it with your analytics and add the objectives.

How to Test the Working of the same?

Google recommends installing the following Chrome Browser extension for better test results – Google Optimize.