How to Turn Off the Auto-fill of Address Fields on Entering Zip-Code?

You might be wondering why your Country, State & City fields are getting automatically filled with the proper data when you enter the zip code on your checkout page. Well, it’s not magic, it’s a feature. 

We have integrated the “Zippopotam” library API in the CartFlows which automatically search for the Country, State & City associated with the zip code that you have just entered on the checkout page. 

If the data is found for respective ZIP code then it will be fetched and auto-filled on the checkout page of the CartFlows automatically. 

There might be some cases where you might want to disable this feature and for that, we have provided the following WordPress Filter –

 * Filter to enable/disable the address auto-fill using the zip code. 
 * @param  string $allow having yes/no
 * @return string $allow yes or no

add_filter( 'cartflows_autocomplete_zip_data', 'wa_disable_autocomplete_zipcode', 10, 1 );

function wa_disable_autocomplete_zipcode( $allow ) {
    $allow = 'no';
    return $allow;

Note: Add the above filter to your child theme’s functions.php, here’s an article to help you Add Custom code.