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CartFlows Order Bump Conditional Redirect

Note: We are deprecating this feature from Order Bump in the next major update. As we have introduced Dynamic Offers. You can now set the conditional redirection with more robust conditions.

We are back with a new and awesome feature, another most-awaited and exciting feature with the CartFlows Pro 1.6.0. We are pleased to add the CartFlows Order Bump Conditional Redirect feature.

This feature will help you to redirect the user to another page i:e Upsell or Downsell if the order bump product is purchased. 

Let’s see how it will work.

When the user clicks or adds the Order Bump product on the checkout page and makes the purchase then CartFlows tests if the order bump product is purchased or not.

If it is purchased then it will take the page which is selected in the conditional option setting and redirect the user to that page that may be Upsell / Downsell.

To enable this feature there are really simple steps and they are as follows –

Step 1: Go to CartFlows -> Flows -> Your Flow

CartFlows Order Bump Conditional Redirect - 1

Step 2: Click on the Edit button on checkout page

CartFlows Order Bump Conditional Redirect - 2

Step 3: Scroll down the page till the checkout setting metabox and click on the Order Bump Tab

Under “Order Bump Conditional Settings” select the page to which you want to redirect the user after purchasing the order bump in  “On Order Bump Purchase – Next Step” option’s dropdown list.

CartFlows Order Bump Conditional Redirect - 3

Step 4: Save the changes and it is done.

Few Common Questions (FAQs)

Q – What happens if there are multiple products added on the checkout page?
Ans – Even if multiple products are added in the checkout page it will work only if the Bump Order product is purchased.

Q – How does it will work in the case of the Global Checkout option?
Ans – It will work the same way as it is working without the Global Checkout page. i:e it will work only if the Bump order is selected/purchased.

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