Cart Recovery Emails not Sending [Cart Abandonment]

What are Recovery / Follow-up emails?

Follow-ups emails are the automated series of recovery emails set in the plugin. When any order gets abandoned, emails are scheduled according to the time set for emails. At the scheduled time the emails will be sent to the respective customers.

In order to send the follow-ups emails, you need to install and configure the SMTP plugin. You can use any SMTP plugin to send the follow-ups emails. But we prefer to use the WP Mail SMTP.

Here is the plugin link: WP Mail SMTP by WPForms

How to configure the WP Mail SMTP with the Gmail account?

You can configure the SMTP with the google account.

Please click here for an detailed article.

How to configure the WP Mail SMTP for other SMTP?

You can configure the SMTP with the other SMTP plugins as per your requirement.

For description purpose, and we recommend the WP Mail SMPTP by WPForms, as shown in the below video –

After you have configured the SMTP on your website, you can verify by sending a Test Email from the email template.