How Does CartFlows Work With and Without Global Checkout?

Let’s see a brief overview of how the CartFlows works with and without Global Checkout feature –

There are many cases in which you may get confused about how CartFlows works and will it help me to achieve a desired flow for the funnels so as to increase the sale of my products? 

All those questions will be answered here in this article itself. You may also find number of videos and articles on the internet about the working of the CartFlows but this one will add more clarity in the working.

There are two ways in which CartFlows works, I mean to say that there is one option which divides and changes the CartFlows working flow in two directions and that is Global Checkout.

As you may all know that the Global Checkout option allows you to connect one of your flow to your store by replacing the default WooCommerce’s Checkout page with the CartFlows Checkout page.

For more information on the Global Checkout option, you can refer to this article.

Now, let’s see how CartFlows works with & without the Global Checkout and what is the default working of the CartFlows.

First of all, CartFlows uses some of the WooCommerce functionality that means all the settings regarding the store that includes, payment gateway, emails, billing & Shipping Settings, Account Creation, Tax & coupons etc. are handled by the WooCommerce itself.

So, suppose, if you want to change the tax/coupon setting OR you may want to set the Shipping details same as the billing details then this setting is available in WooCommerce.

Let’s see, what is the default workflow of CartFlows.

Without Global Checkout

This is the normal and default working of the CartFlows, in which you can access your checkout page via landing page that means your checkout process will be as Landing Page -> Checkout page -> Upsell Page -> Downsell Page -> Thank you Page.

You can use this flow in promoting your products on the social media platform or on the website ads. 

For example, you have created a flow having three steps as Landing, Checkout & Thank you.

To derive the user’s attention on this product you can run an ads campaign on Google or any social media platform and there you need to provide the URL/Link of the landing page or checkout page.

So, that when the user clicks on ads then they will land on your landing page and end-up buying the product. Similarly you can do it on your website. You can add a custom menu on the website and provide the URL/Link of the landing page or checkout page to navigate the user to your checkout page for purchase. 

Below image will explain the default and normal working of the CartFlows.

With Global Checkout

This is the second workflow of the CartFlows which is using the Global Checkout option. While using this option you can redirect your user audience from any part of your website or form the social media platform to your website’s shop/store page and then to the CartFlows checkout page and here the CartFlows flow will be used to purchase the product.

This case is more useful in case you are having a large number of products. It is difficult to create a flow for each of the products. This is where you get flexibility to purchase all your products from the CartFlows pages. 

Below image will provide the clear idea on how the CartFlows works with the Global Checkout option.

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