How to Move the Step from One Flow to Another?

If you are looking on – How to move the step from one flow to another, then this article is for you.

In CartFlows we have already added Import/Export feature to easily move/shift the flows from website to another.

But in some cases, there might be a need to move only one Step from one Flow to another. That means to create the exact same step which is already present in another flow.

So there is a very easy way using which you can move the already created step from one flow to another flow. 

To move the flow, you have to open the step in the page builder which you are using and simply export the UI/Design of that step using the page builder. 

Now, once you have exported the step’s UI/Design, go to the flow to which you want to move this step and create a blank step type of your choice, such as landing/checkout/upsell/downsell/thank you. 

For Example: If you want to move the landing step from Flow 1 to Flow 2 then create a blank step of landing type in Flow 2.

Click on above image to watch the small video

Once you have created the blank step in the second flow just open that step in the same page builder and import the previously exported step using the page builder’s import/export feature. 

If you have more questions on how to import the page using the page builder then check this article.