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How to Enable Enfold Avia Layout Builder in CartFlows Steps?

In order for the Enfold Avia Layout Builder to be available on CartFlows steps, the following function needs to be added to your child themes function file.

// Do not include this if already open!
 * Code goes in theme functions.php
function avf_alb_supported_post_types_mod( array $supported_post_types )
  $supported_post_types[] = 'cartflows_step';
  $supported_post_types[] = 'cartflows_step';
  return $supported_post_types;
add_filter('avf_alb_supported_post_types', 'avf_alb_supported_post_types_mod', 10, 1);

function avf_metabox_layout_post_types_mod( array $supported_post_types )
 $supported_post_types[] = 'cartflows_step';
 return $supported_post_types;
add_filter('avf_metabox_layout_post_types', 'avf_metabox_layout_post_types_mod', 10, 1);

Alternatively, you can use the free Code Snippets plugin to add custom functions to your website.

Here is a tutorial on how to add custom functions to your website.

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