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How to Use LearnDash with CartFlows

LearnDash is a course builder plugin for the WordPress environment and using which you can create a course and sell it online using WooCommerce.

Any plugin that integrates with WooCommerce should work with CartFlows.

In this video, you will see how to integrate LearnDash with WooCommerce.

Once you have integrated the LearnDash with the WooCommerce, then follow the below steps to sell the course products using the CartFlows.

Step 1: Create a Course Product in the WooCommerce

Step 2: Attach the course to the product which you want to sell once that product is purchased.

Step 3: Once the product is been set up in the WooCommerce, Go to CartFlows -> Flows -> Your Flow

Step 4: Select that WooCommerce product in the backend setting of CartFlows checkout/upsell/downsell page

Step 5: Save the changes and you are ready to sell the course from the CartFlows with all dynamic features.

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