How to Allow Cache Plugins to Cache the CartFlows Pages?

You might be thinking that why does the CartFlows Pages are not getting cached. Well, the only reason is that from the beginning of the CartFlows development, we have added Do not Cache constant on the CartFlows pages so as to restrict them to be cached from the Cache plugins and avoid unnecessary issues.


Some cache plugins look for these constants. If one of these constants is found then those cache plugins do not cache the page i:e it is excluded automatically.

If you want to cache the CartFlows pages and remove these constants and allow your cache plugins to cache the pages then you can disable this feature on your website and for the same, we have provided the following filter –

* How to add the custom code. 
* Please follow below instructions:
* 1. Copy the below code.
* 2. Open your child theme's functions.php file.
* 3. Paste the copied code at the very bottom of it & save the file OR upload it on your server/hosting.

add_filter( 'cartflows_do_not_cache_step', 'cache_CartFlows_pages' );

function cache_CartFlows_pages( $post_id ) {
// If you want to remove more pages from the cache then add those page's id in the array.

	if( in_array( $post_id , array( 'add_your_landing_page_ids_comma_separated_id_more_than_one' ) ) ){
		return false; // Do not cache.

	return true; // Do cache.

Note: Add the above filter to your child theme’s functions.php, here’s an article to help you Add Custom code.