How to Clone / Duplicate the Flow or Step in CartFlows?

You may all know that Clone means a duplicate of the original and having the exact same features and functionality as the original does. 

So, what is the use of the Clone feature in the CartFlows? Well, you will require this feature to duplicate the Flows or Steps for your ease and to reduce the time to design new Flow/Steps from scratch. 

You will notice the Clone option for flow as well as steps too. When you clone the Flow or Step the CartFlows will create an exact duplicate of that original Flow/Step but the URLs will be different.

The Clone feature will duplicate each and every setting of the Flow/Step. Such as if you are cloning the flow then it will duplicate all the steps which are present in it along with it’s setting and the meta-data.

And if you are cloning the step then it will duplicate the current step along with its meta-data. Once the step is cloned then it will be added below the last present step.

To clone the Flow you can follow the following quick and simple steps –

Step 1: Go to CartFlows -> Flows and hover over a flow name. On hover you will get the link as Clone. Click on it to clone the flow.

Similarly, you can Clone the step which is present in your flow. Let’s see how.

Step 1: Go to CartFows -> Flows -> Your Flow.

Step 2: Click on the clone button present on the step which you want to clone.

Step 3: This will add the step to the bottom of all the steps.

Step 4: Re-arrange and add it in your flow sequence.

Step 5: Click the update button to save the flow. And your cloned Step/Flow is ready for modification and use.