GDPR Compliance

CartFlows offers three features where we help store owners collect data in order to serve shoppers:

  1. Checkout Forms
    We use WooCommerce checkout forms and save the data in the local storage feature of modern browsers, so if users accidentally refreshes the page, the data users have typed in the form won't be lost. As far as we understand, this does not violate GDPR compliance.
  2. Analytics
    We provide analytics feature for our customers so they can see how their Flows are working and improve accordingly. This does not track any personal data of website visitors.
  3. Cart Abandonment
    We plan to introduce Cart Abandonment features in CartFlows. This is an optional feature that website administrators can choose to enable to disable. Abandoned cart emails very strongly fall under “legitimate interest for data processing”, they do not require a special consent.

As we're not legal experts, we advise our customers to consult their lawyers on these three features CartFlows offers, for further compliance with GDPR.

For further reading regarding WooCommerce and GDPR, here is a helpful article