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CartFlows Dynamic Offers aka Rule Engine.

In the latest 1.8.0 version of the CartFlows and CartFlows Pro, we have introduced a new feature known as Dynamic Offers aka Rule Engine.

Note: We are deprecating the Next-Step redirection option from Order Bump in the next major update. As we have introduced Dynamic Offers, you can now set the conditional redirection with more robust conditions.

Using this feature, you can set the custom redirect conditions on the checkout page to display the upsells/downsells on the basis of conditions.

For these conditional redirects, we have added many useful conditions using which you can easily achieve your requirements of showing the upsell/downsells with conditions.

In this Dynamic Offers, we have introduced grouping of the conditions, which will provide you the ease of access while setting multiple conditions and a way to group each other.

So, you might be wondering what the groups are? 

The simple explanation is that the Groups are the list of combinations of one or more conditions. 
In each of the groups, one condition is in the AND relation with another condition and each group is in the OR relation of another group as showing in the below Image.

You can re-order the groups according to your needs or if you want to prioritize the conditions on the checkout page. To re-order the groups, simply drag-drop the groups just like you do in the CartFlows Custom Field Editor.

Let’s see how to use this feature and its setup.

Once you update the CartFlows or install the 1.8.0 Beta version, you will get two new menus.

  • Dynamic Offers menu in CartFlows Checkout Setting page
  • Canvas menu in Flow where all of the steps are listed.
Let’s see the Dynamic Offers menu

Here is how to set up the rules.

Step 1: Navigate to the CartFlows -> Flows

Step 2: Open your flow in which you want to add/edit/update the conditions.

Step 3: Click the edit button of your Checkout Page.

Step 4: Navigate to the Dynamic Offers Menu.

Step 5: Click on the Checkbox to enable the Dynamic Offers setting and click on a small icon to see the conditions.

Step 6: Select condition, relation and compare to option to set one condition.

Step 7: Click on Add Condition button to add more condition rows.

Step 8: Click on Add Dynamic Offer to add more conditions groups.

Step 9: Click the save changes button to save the conditions.

If you want to prioritize the conditions, then drag-and-drop the groups up/down to re-order them. It is not possible to move or drag-and-drop one condition row from any of the groups and add it to another group.

You need to remove/delete that condition row and simply add it again in the second group.

Once you are redirected to desired upsell/downsell pages, you can still use the conditional redirect options on upsell/downsell for the further redirect to complete the flow.

If all of the applied conditions groups are failed or are simply not matched with the user case, then you can set a default redirect that can be used by all types of users on the store.

Let’s see what is Canvas and what is it for?

In the latest update, the new menu is introduced in the Flow named “Canvas”.

This canvas will give you a visual representation of the rules that you have added on the Checkout page.

Currently, this canvas is just for a visual representation of flow’s steps after applying the rules but in the future, it may be used to manage the Flow, and it’s a step with redirection from that single page. 

There are few buttons on the canvas and they are as follows:

  • Zoom-In
  • Zoom-Out
  • Fit to Screen
  • Full Screen

Along with the canvas, if you press the control button and scroll up or down with the mouse wheel button it will also trigger the Zoom-in & Zoom-out features but it is for quick 0% to 100% zoom for ease of access.

While viewing the canvas in the fullscreen mode, you can click on the same button to close the fullscreen mode or simply press the control (ctrl) button from the keyboard to close the fullscreen mode.

The fit-to-Screen button will align your flow representation in the center of the canvas for full view.

Few Common Questions (FAQs)

Q- Can this be used for the pre-checkout and order bump products?
Ans – Yes. It will automatically be applied to the Pre-checkout and order bump features. You need to set the product-specific conditions in the CartFlows Dynamic Offers aka Rule Engine.

Q- Can the same conditions be applied on the Upsell/Downsell pages just like the checkout page?
Ans – No. These conditions are introduced for the checkout page of CartFlows. For upsell/downsell conditional redirects, we already have such a feature. Here is the article for the same.

Q- What if I set the conditions on the Checkout page as well as set the Order Bump Conditional redirect which feature will work?
Ans – In this case, the Conditions added on the checkout page will be applied and used. In future updates, we will be deprecating the Order Bump Conditional Redirect feature as we have introduced the conditional redirect feature on the checkout page.

Q- Can I use A/B split test with this condition-based feature?
Ans – Yes. You can use A/B split testing.

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