Setup Pre-Checkout Upsell in CartFlows

Pre-Checkout Offer is displayed on the Checkout page when the visitor or user clicks on the Place Order button.

This helps you to Offer a product before even starting the checkout process. The Pre-Checkout upsell offer does not have any restrictions from the payment gateways i:e it works with most of all the payment gateways that are available on the checkout page.

Let’s see how to enable this feature.

Step 1: Navigate to CartFlows ( WordPress Dashboard ) > Flows > your_flow > Edit the Checkout Page -> Navigate to Checkout Offer tab -> enable the Enable Checkout Offer option > select your product under Select Product option.

CartFlows Pre Checkout Upsell Settings

You can also change the other options/setting in the checkout offer below for further customizations.

Step 2: Visit the Checkout Page in the frontend. After filling in the details there, now when you click on Proceed to Checkout an offer popup will be displayed.

Like the following screenshot –

Note: It will work with almost all WooCommerce payment gateways.

Frequently Answered Questions

Is this an upsell before checkout?

No. But technically, it is an upsell-like offer that will be displayed on the checkout page before placing an order from the checkout page itself.

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