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Introducing CartFlows Optin Feature!

Have you ever faced issues while creating Optin Form for Lead Generation like Errors, unnecessary fields, etc?

We bring to you the CartFlows Optin feature which will resolve these issues and make it easier to use the respective Optin like MailChimp with CartFlows.

Let’s dive further and see how we can create Optin Flows –

What is CartFlows Optin?

CartFlows Optin is a new Step Type that will allow users to create sales funnel majorly for lead Generation.

How to Import / Create the Optin Step?

To import the Optin Step you need to be on the CartFlows v1.4.0 and above.

Let’s see the steps to import the Optin Step –

Step 1: Go to Dashboard > CartFlows and edit your Flow and import the Optin Step Type from the Ready Templates or under Create Your Own -> Select Optin Woo

Step 2: Now, edit the Optin Step

Step 3: Select a Product that must be Virtual / Downloadable and priced at zero ( 0 ) value.

Step 4: That’s it! Once the user lands on the landing and reaches the Optin step and fills out the fields his details will be mapped to the mailer.

Note: The Users will be able to insert custom Form Fields only if he is using CartFlows Pro version.

What Is the Major Use of the Optin Step?

The main goal to introduce the Optin Step type is to create a lead generation funnel. You can use it to generate leads by selling a simple virtual product having zero ( 0 ) price value.

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