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    Override Global Checkout aka Replace Checkout page

    Note: We have introduced the Store Checkout feature, please learn more about Store Checkout.

    Do you want to use the CartFlows Checkout page instead of the default checkout page of WooCommerce?

    Yes? then we have come up with a new feature which will let you do it.

    This feature is named Override Global Checkout that Replaces the default checkout page of WooCommerce with the Global Checkout page of CartFlows.

    As you know that by setting the Global Checkout, you can easily redirect the users to CartFlows Checkout page after cart/shop/single product pages. But here the URL of the page gets changed or has to change to make it suitable for your store and its URLs.

    So, to avoid this case, we have come up with this feature. By enabling this setting, the CartFlows will replace the content i:e override the default checkout page of WooCommerce and that is all without changing the URL of the default Checkout page.

    To use this option first, you need to set the Global Checkout page. Once it is set then you can enable the Takeover/Override checkbox. If the Global Checkout page is not set/selected then the Takeover/Override option will not work. 

    These two options are dependant on each other so if you wish to use only the Takeover/Override option then it is not possible. It needs the Global Checkout page to be selected. 

    Now, you might be wondering how does this feature work? Well, it is easy. Let’s see how:

    When you have set the Global Checkout and enabled the override checkbox then it will show the CartFlows Checkout page after the WooCommerce’s Cart Page and that is without changing the URL of the checkout page.

    That is the URL of the checkout page will be of default checkout page but the content and entire working will be of CartFlows.

    Let’s see how to enable this feature.

    This setting/option is added to the Global Setting page of CartFlows. Below are the steps which will guide you to enable it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to set the Global Checkout?

    Setting the global checkout page means not to search and select the CartFlows checkout page in the WooCommerce’s Settings. The Global Checkout page is a setting provided by the CartFlows and in that very setting, you have to set the Global Checkout. This article will help you to set the Global Checkout.

    CartFlows checkout page is not listed in the page setting of WooCommerce?

    The CartFlows page will not be listed under the WooCommerce’s page setting. Because the Global Checkout page is of CartFlows and will be displayed in the CartFlows -> Settings -> Global Checkout Tab only.

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