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Configuring WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery Settings

In this article, we will see how to configure the General settings as well as create email templates with coupon settings, Reported Orders, and Webhooks.

Let’s begin.

To get started, go to WooCommerce > Cart Abandonment > Settings.

General Settings

Cart Abandonment Settings

Enable Tracking

Enable or disable the cart abandonment tracking on your store. Disabling will not track the checkout page for tracking abandonment.

Cart abandoned cut-off time

This is the cron cut-off time after which the plugin marks the order as abandoned. The time is in minutes.

Disable Tracking For

The plugin tracks the abandoned cart for all users by default. In some cases, it requires disabling cart abandonment tracking for some users. Using this option you can disable tracking for the user’s type available on the store.

Exclude email sending For

The plugin marks the order as recovered when abandoned order is placed and order status is either processing or completed. Processing and Completed are the default order status selected in this setting to mark orders as recovered.

If you want to mark the orders as recovered & do not send future emails for other order statuses like On Hold ( as BASC has default Woocommerce order status is On Hold ) you need to select the On Hold option in this setting.

Notify recovery to admin

Enabling this option, you can receive the email notification of cart abandonment recovery with the order details. This email is sent to the admin.

UTM parameters

When customers revisit your recovery checkout page link through the follow-up emails, there might requirement of sending UTM parameters with the checkout links.

In this setting, you can add the multiple UTM parameters each at the new line, plugin will append all these parameters to the checkout links of all follow-up emails.

Also, you can add the other parameters too for your custom requirements. 

Coupons Settings

Delete Coupons Automatically

As each follow-up email creates the unique coupon if enabled, then after some time the coupon might be used by the user or expire & it is of no use. To delete such coupons regularly we have this option.

Enabling this option will delete all used & expired coupons once a week. Plugin deletes the coupons that are created by itself.  

Delete Coupons Manually

To delete the expired and used coupons instantly, you can click on the Delete button.

Email Settings

“From” Name

It is the sender name that appears in the follow-up emails. It tells your recipients who sent them the email.

“From” Address

It is the sender address that appears in the follow-up emails.

“Reply-To” Address

It is the email address that the reply message is sent to when your customer wants the reply to go to an email address that is different than the From address.

Recovery Report Emails

Send recovery report emails

If enabled, you will receive weekly report emails about the cart abandonment and recovery stats.

Email Address

You can add an email address in this field to receive the weekly report emails. If you want to receive the weekly report emails to multiple email addresses, then you can add each email address to each new line.

Webhook Settings

More info at Using Cart Abandonment Webhook

GDPR Settings

Enable GDPR Integration

As the plugin captures the checkout & cart data of the customer, it is necessary to ask or let the customer know that we are saving your data to send the follow-up emails. 

Enabling this option will add the text message below the email field on the checkout with the no thanks link. If the customer clicks on the no thanks link plugin will not capture data for that user.

GDPR Message

Use the text field to change what message is displayed below the email field of the checkout. For the best user experience, we recommend that you keep it short, clear, and to the point.

Plugin Settings

Delete Plugin Data

We have provided an option to delete the Woocommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery plugin data and its tables while deleting the plugin.

The plugin creates the following tables in the database.

  • cartflows_ca_cart_abandonment
  • cartflows_ca_email_history
  • cartflows_ca_email_templates
  • cartflows_ca_email_templates_meta

To delete plugin data & tables, you must enable this option. After enabling this option, uninstall and delete the plugin.

Follow Up Emails Settings

The plugin provides you a three default follow-up email. You can see these emails in Woocommerce > Cart Abandonment > Follow-Up Emails.

If you want to create a new one, you can create it by clicking on the Create New Template button.

You can restore the default follow-up emails provided by the plugin by clicking on the Restore Default Template Button. It will add the default templates in existing follow-up emails.

You can delete, and clone the template using the row actions.

Email Templates Settings

You can edit the email template by clicking the edit link and can set up the email subject, email body & coupon settings.

You can update the email template body as per your requirements by using the WCAR Fields. These are the dynamic fields containing the abandoned cart & checkout data. 

You can also find these all fields with their description here.

 We have coupon options if you wish to add the coupon on the checkout.

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