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How to Modify Offer Accept/Reject Popup Strings

In the version of the CartFlows i:e 1.11.6 & 1.11.5 we have introduced a few options to change the strings of the offer accept/reject popup.

We received a few feature requests to add a way to modify the strings on the offer accept/reject popup, so we quickly introduced those options made available for all of the users.

CartFlows Offer Popup

So, let’s see how and from where we can change the strings for that popup.

Step 1: Edit the flow and click on the edit button to modify the upsell/downsell page.

Step 2: Now, click on the settings tab and in General Tab.

Step 3: After opening the setting -> General tab, scroll down the page a little to the “Offer popup texts” section.

Here, in this section, you will get four string options that are directly attached to the popup which is displayed on the offer page when it is accepted or rejected. 

  • Offer Processing: This string will be displayed while the order is being processed.
  • Offer Success: This string will be displayed when the product is added to the order.
  • Offer Failure: This string will be displayed if the order fails or the product is not added to the order.
  • Offer Success Note: It is the normal message which will be displayed if all of the above actions are successful.

Step 4: After changing the string click on the “Save Setting” button to save the changes.

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