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    How to Enable the CartFlows Step Post Types for the Page Builders?

    CartFlows is a sales funnel builder in which you get various sales steps such as Landing, Optin, Checkout, Upsell, Downsell and Thank you. 

    These are nothing but simple pages similar to the WordPress pages but it is coming from a one Custom Post Type as cartflows_step and named as Steps.

    Now, as these are the pages and you have to place the information on it to display for the users, then you have to design those pages and this is where the Page Builder plays a major role. 

    The page builder provides the ability and flexibility to design the pages even if the user is not having a technical background. The page builder provides Drag-and-Drop functionality so that you can easily design the pages.

    Similarly, you can use any Page Builders to design the CartFlows pages but in some cases, you may need to enable it for the CartFlows Step Post type so that your page builder can design the CartFlows pages. 

    In most cases, all the page builders automatically get the list of Custom Post Types and add it in their configuration so that the pages created from those post types can be edited. But, there are few exceptions, not all Page Builder does it.

    If the page builder which you are using does not have any option/setting to enable the page builder for other custom post types, then you can get in touch with the page builder author and ask for any available filter or action or a way which can be used by CartFlows to pass its custom post type to the page builder.

    This action/filter will be added from the CartFlows using which the edit page option from the page builder will be displayed on the CartFlows pages. This is something like adding custom support of Page Builder from the CartFlows.

    If there are no such filters or functionality in the page builder then it is not possible to edit the CartFlows page using that page builder.

    Here in this article, we will see how you can enable the CartFlows' Step post type from your page builder. 

    This setting is available in your page builder’s setting menu and you may find a list of all the custom post types. You need to choose the CartFlows Step and enable it. After enabling it you can easily edit the CartFlows pages from your page builder. 

    For example, let’s see how to enable the CartFlows Step type for the DIVI.

    In DIVI there are two options, they are as follows.

    Using the DIVI builder plugin

    • Go to the DIVI Menu -> Plugin Options
    • Then Navigate to the Post Type Integration Tab
    • Enable the Steps Option

    Using the DIVI Theme

    • Go to the DIVI Menu -> Theme Options
    • Then Navigate to the Builder Tab
    • Enable the Steps Option
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