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    How to Resolve Page Not Found Message on CartFlows Checkout Page During the Payment?

    Are you getting the “Page Not Found” error message on the checkout page of CartFlows during processing the payment?

    Below we will see the reason and how it can be resolved –

    Most of the payment gateways use the default WooCommerce Checkout Page to display the payment gateway’s payment form and use the order-pay as an end point for the payment process.

    When the user proceeds for the payment from the CartFlows checkout page and redirects to the WooCommerce’s checkout page to add the payment information. If the default WooCommerce’s Checkout page is not created on the website and not selected in the WooCommerce’s setting then this “Page Not Found” error message will be displayed.

    To fix this, you just need to create the WooCommerce’s checkout page and select it in the WooCommerce -> Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Under Page setup section

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