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How to Resolve “Cannot Activate API Key. Key Already Activated with the same Instance ID” Error Message?

Are you facing the “Cannot Activate API Key. The API Key has Already been Activated with the same Unique Instance ID Sent with This Request” error message while activating the CartFlows Pro API License and wondering what is the reason and searching for the solution at the same time.

Well, I bet you are on the right article. Let’s see then.

This message will be displayed on the plugins page in the license activation popup window while activating the license. There are only a couple of cases in which you will get this error message.

Below we have explained the cases in which this error may occur –

First: If the site is cloned/migrated:

  • If the website is cloned or migrated from one hosting/domain to another there might be a chance that the instance for the license activation is not set or not updated while migration. Here, an old instance ID is stored on the migrated/new website and when you try to activate the license, the same I:e old Instance ID is sent which was related to the parent domain. This results in showing the message.

Second: Plugin Upload/Delete/Remove

  • If the CartFlows Pro plugin is deleted or removed from the website without deactivating the license first and then when you re-upload the CartFlows Pro plugin and tries to activate the License.

Third: Cache

  • If any cache is set on your website then the instance ID that is generated automatically while activating the CartFlow Pro plugin does not get stored in the database while activating the license for the first time and not in the cache as well.

As there is the same instance ID is sent while sending a license activation API request, The API validator checks all the parameters and checks the same instance is attached to any activated domain. If the instance ID is attached to the domain and the request is from another domain then it returns this same instance ID error message. 

To solve this problem and activate the CartFlows Pro license on your website you can follow below simple steps.

Step 1: Log in to your account at

Step 2: Go to API/License section/tab

Step 3: You will see an entry for the current website on which you had activated the license.

Step 4: Delete that entry from the account of that domain/website.

Step 5: Login to your wp-admin account on your website.

Step 6: Clear all the cache on your site including your browser’s cache. This must include the Local & Server-Side cache too.

Step 7: Go to plugins menu on your website.

Step 8: Deactivate any Cache plugin [ For sometime ]

Step 9: Deactivate the CartFlows Pro plugin. [ For sometime ]

Step 10: Re-activate the CartFlows Pro plugin.

Step 11: Click on the activate license button

Step 12: Add your license/API key.

Step 13: Click on activate button. 

Note: Always clear the cache and deactivate the Cache plugin before activating the CartFlows Pro’s license/API key on your website.

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