January 22, 2019

Create Sales Funnels With Beaver Builder

CF-03-Beaver Builder Templates

Today, we are super excited to announce that CartFlows is now fully integrated with Beaver Builder. Now you can create incredible sales funnels with just a few click of your mouse.

CartFlows is made on a flexible shortcode system that will allow you to work with any page builder of your choice.

What this means is whether you are a WordPress beginner or an expert webmaster, you have unlimited options to work with.

Why Use a Page Builder?

Imagine this – most websites you see on the internet that is attractive, easy to use, and generates a lot traffic uses a page builder.

To lighten your workload and still allow you to come up with an incredible looking website, you can trust on page builders like Beaver Builder.

Why use it? Because there is no coding necessary, all you need to do is install and activate then you are on your way to creating a beautiful website.

CartFlows has always worked perfectly with Beaver Builder, but we always knew that we would take our support further than that with sales funnel templates. Now you can use Beaver Builder to basically edit your sales funnels!

Steps In Creating Sales Funnels With Beaver Builder

Install CartFlows On Your WordPress Website

The initial step is to install CartFlows into your WordPress website. To do this, you need to

Go to plugins > add new > search CartFlows

Choose Beaver Builder In CartFlows

Once CartFlows is already installed, you need to choose Beaver Builder as your choice of page builder.

Go to CartFlows > Settings > Choose Beaver Builder as your preferred page builder.

Create A New Sales Funnel

Click on CartFlows > Add New > Select a Funnel Template > Click On Import

Import Sales Funnels Templates and edit it.

Viola! You are now ready to drag and drop parts of the sales funnel that you want to include or remove.

The best thing about CartFlows is that you can choose among dozens of Sales Funnels templates. It’s easy to use and offers unlimited options to keep your e-commerce website looking spic and span!

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2 thoughts on “Create Sales Funnels With Beaver Builder”

  1. Rad! I’ve always liked Beaver Builder, but hadn’t thought about this until I came across this post. Just wondering, is there a funnel template in Beaver Builder that you prefer over the others? Going to try to dive in to all this over the weekend..

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