Introducing, ModernCart for WooCommerce

ModernCart for WooCommerce gives your store a sleek shopping cart interface that makes it easier for visitors to add items to cart, manage items in cart and complete their purchases.

Enable Modern Cart

Enable ModernCart

Replace the default WooCommerce cart with ModernCart to transform your cart experience 

Customize The Cart

Use ModernCart to customize and enhance every aspect of your cart experience

Happier Shoppers

Happier Shoppers

Delight your website visitors with easier cart management and seamless transition to checkout

New Shopping Cart Experience

Give shoppers a smoother shopping experience in your store with features that make it easier to select items, add to cart, adjust quantities and easily proceed to checkout.

Sell More Products per Order

Help shoppers get more value by recommending related products each time they add particular products to their cart.

Seamless Coupon Management

Allow Customers to easily add and remove coupons inside their cart. ModernCart’s coupon form works with popular WooCommerce coupon plugins.

Seamless Coupon Management
Encourage Visitors to Shop for Rewards

Encourage Visitors to Shop for Rewards

Show Shoppers how far or near they are to getting Free Delivery with a live progress bar that adjusts to the items in their cart.

Multiple Cart Styles

Set the cart to either Slide out, popup after a product is added. You can also enable a floating cart that follows visitors as they browse through your store, allowing them quick access to their cart.

Multiple Cart Styles
Multiple Cart Styles

Customize Cart Labels

ModernCart allows you to customize the labels and headings within your cart. Such as the Main title, Coupon field Placeholder, Checkout Button Label, Free Shipping Bar Text, etc. 

Simpler Carts, More Purchases

Build beautiful, fast, and highly interactive cart experiences that encourage visitors to shop more 

Setup within minutes
Setup Within Minutes, Easily

Experience the difference. Replace the default WooCommerce as visitors enjoy a simpler more effective cart system.

Simpler carts, happier shoppers
Simpler Carts, Happier Shoppers

Remove unnecessary steps, reduce unnecessary form fields, and use ModernCart to make shopping a seamless experience.

Create Customer-First Carts

Encourage repeat customers with features like product recommendations, coupon management, and checkout transitions.

Integrations That Make Life Easier

Integrate ModernCart with your favorite plugins and apps, so your data is available everywhere! 

Integrations that makes life easier

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